Latest work

It was a very busy winter here and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you. I have added a few new techniques to my skill set, allowing me to achieve greater detail and a more refined finish. Also my abilities with the camera are slowly improving.

handcut tree laminated onto cross sections of two different colored skateboards with a poplar moon.

Handcut tree laminated onto cross sections of two different colored skateboards with a poplar moon. (1.25 x 1 inch)

I have really enjoyed using the skateboard material to add color to my work. All of the skateboard decks I use come to me from Pathfinders in Morgantown, WV. They all have been used, broken, and had to be replaced. I take these old decks, chop them up, plane them down, reassemble them back together in larger blocks, and incorporate them into work like the piece above.

newstuff-25 newstuff-17newstuff-30

You may also notice the black material that I have been using a lot of lately. That is ebony and it comes from Africa. It is a very popular and rather expensive ornamental wood. I got most of mine from the keys of a piano that was damaged beyond repair. I prepared them in a similar way to the skateboard deck and have been very pleased with the outcome.

This planetary theme comes from my obsession with astronomy. I love chilly nights huddled around a telescope.

newstuff-33 newstuff-6

These designs are loosely related to items found in various video games. My inner geek just explodes with satisfaction seeing these pulled from their native context and re-imagined in wood.


Finally, an homage to my favorite stimulant, caffeine. It is the worlds most widely used psychoactive drug. I am on coffee right now, but I can quit whenever I want (I think). This one is black walnut and yellowhart wood.

That is a taste of what I have been up to. I would love to know what you think, not just this post, but what I can do to make this website look like a grown up manages it 🙂

Have a GREAT day!



Life or death polar vortexocalypse update

Don’t worry I just renamed winter to boost my ratings… actually love is in the air, lots of love, in the physical form of snow. This is my first real winter in the northern climate, so the natives tell me. It is complete with digging paths to every part of the outside of the house I would like to get to, clothing myself like an onion made out of fabric, and chipping my car out of ice regularly. But you know what?

I like it. It motivates me to stay in the studio and make all the stuff that I will wish I did otherwise. My hilly backyard has turned into a themepark with no lines (with the help of a sled). Plus all my neighbors band together into a snow clearing super unit. I finally got out of the house to do my first art show of the year in lovely Pittsburgh. I was a joyous occasion filled with patrons, other artists, and their great brainchildren. I decided to make a little time lapse video of my setup and tear down, it sure is… something. Well I can’t help you get any of that time back, but I can say that my posts should start to become more frequent if you like that type of thing. Try to stay warm and Happy Valentine’s Day (or single’s awareness day)!

A little stop animation movie

Hey folks! I just wanted to show off my first half-baked attempt at a stop animation. Please don’t judge me, my feelings are delicate. What you see thrown together here is 290 pictures vaguely capturing the steps I take to turn scrap pieces of wood into an owl that is smaller than a grape. The diddy twanging in the background is some Bach with a little of my stuff mixed in. I think I am off to a good start and hope to crank out a few more this year. Thank you for watching!

Woodcrafty Pictures!

Raining and storming. You can see pictures of years worth of my art on my web-album. In it, you’ll not only see the progression of my creations, but the improvement of my photography skills. From start to finish, I have added new materials, techniques, and equipment all the while maintaining my admiration of playful, natural subjects. I hope to continue this progression without ever losing the individual excitement finishing each and every piece I create.