Hello, sit down and I’ll tell you all about myself. SC2012

Minding my booth at Spark Con 2012

My name is Jon Pitts, for as long I as can remember, I made things. I just love pursuing the endless possibilities that exist in materials. Finding new combinations, salvaging uses out of scraps, developing relationships with my equipment that in turn influence my design. To start with a sketch and bring it to life with my hands. This is why I do these things, I want to make things that have feeling and playful articulation

The Vision

By combining my own various artistic and functional disciplines I create something truly unique each time. Each piece is a vestige of the beautiful world around us. I have come to an intimate knowledge of my materials by working with hand-tools, bringing out every nuance of its structure, freeing the brilliant colors locked within the grain, becoming keenly aware of the strengths and limitations of each species. I absolutely love what I do. The time I spend in the shop and the results that pour out are a meaningful source of pride in my life.

The Process

The first step in any project I do is gather the appropriate colored woods. I make the first cuts dictating the respective depth of color and grain direction desired for the finished piece. Then I take the different colored species of wood, meticulously cut, and assemble them to invoke patterns. When a pattern is developed, it has to be sanded to a smooth finish, revealing the minute details of the painstaking work. Finally it is dipped in a marine grade finish to further saturate the color and protect it.

The Outcome

The best part of my work is creation. I sometimes have a traffic jam of new ideas. Seeing each step, the way each piece transforms from scraps into eye-catching art, I can’t help but get excited about what something is going to look like when it is finished. My more complicated work often requires a strategy similar to playing a game of chess, a series of steps are taken in a deliberate order and a mistake at any point could ruin all that development. I love the intricacies, taking the most convoluted process, to produce subtle designs. While the unrealized ideas keep my heart in my work, adapting to limitations in the tools/materials offers a welcome challenge. There is an incredible, intangible feeling that comes when my hands are able to coerce what my mind sees out of these raw materials. Coupling between mind, medium, and machine is strong and the result beckons to be seen and shared. To see these pieces emerge from small blocks of wood, watching the refinement arise from chaos, noise and, saw dust, evokes the sensation that I want to convey to everyone who cherishes the incalculable beauty that is found in the natural world around us.

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