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It was a very busy winter here and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you. I have added a few new techniques to my skill set, allowing me to achieve greater detail and a more refined finish. Also my abilities with the camera are slowly improving.

handcut tree laminated onto cross sections of two different colored skateboards with a poplar moon.

Handcut tree laminated onto cross sections of two different colored skateboards with a poplar moon. (1.25 x 1 inch)

I have really enjoyed using the skateboard material to add color to my work. All of the skateboard decks I use come to me from Pathfinders in Morgantown, WV. They all have been used, broken, and had to be replaced. I take these old decks, chop them up, plane them down, reassemble them back together in larger blocks, and incorporate them into work like the piece above.

newstuff-25 newstuff-17newstuff-30

You may also notice the black material that I have been using a lot of lately. That is ebony and it comes from Africa. It is a very popular and rather expensive ornamental wood. I got most of mine from the keys of a piano that was damaged beyond repair. I prepared them in a similar way to the skateboard deck and have been very pleased with the outcome.

This planetary theme comes from my obsession with astronomy. I love chilly nights huddled around a telescope.

newstuff-33 newstuff-6

These designs are loosely related to items found in various video games. My inner geek just explodes with satisfaction seeing these pulled from their native context and re-imagined in wood.


Finally, an homage to my favorite stimulant, caffeine. It is the worlds most widely used psychoactive drug. I am on coffee right now, but I can quit whenever I want (I think). This one is black walnut and yellowhart wood.

That is a taste of what I have been up to. I would love to know what you think, not just this post, but what I can do to make this website look like a grown up manages it 🙂

Have a GREAT day!



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