Life or death polar vortexocalypse update

Don’t worry I just renamed winter to boost my ratings… actually love is in the air, lots of love, in the physical form of snow. This is my first real winter in the northern climate, so the natives tell me. It is complete with digging paths to every part of the outside of the house I would like to get to, clothing myself like an onion made out of fabric, and chipping my car out of ice regularly. But you know what?

I like it. It motivates me to stay in the studio and make all the stuff that I will wish I did otherwise. My hilly backyard has turned into a themepark with no lines (with the help of a sled). Plus all my neighbors band together into a snow clearing super unit. I finally got out of the house to do my first art show of the year in lovely Pittsburgh. I was a joyous occasion filled with patrons, other artists, and their great brainchildren. I decided to make a little time lapse video of my setup and tear down, it sure is… something. Well I can’t help you get any of that time back, but I can say that my posts should start to become more frequent if you like that type of thing. Try to stay warm and Happy Valentine’s Day (or single’s awareness day)!

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